Dear Honourable President,


August 16, 2015 marks the third anniversary of the Marikana massacre. The Marikana massacre stands out as the worst case of police brutality in the post-Apartheid South Africa, where more than 30 miners were massacred by the South African Police for demanding a living wage and an improvement in their working conditions.

The Nation and the families of the victims of the massacre eagerly awaited the release of the report of the Marikana Commission Inquiry, hoping against hope that it would once and for all provide answers to lingering questions about what really happened during that fateful day and who was responsible for it. Upon its release, the report fell hopelessly short of expectations. It provides no clear answers and holds no political leader accountable for the tragic incident, which leaves South Africans and the families of the victims none the wiser.

In the midst of all this doom and gloom, and notwithstanding the processes that are currently underway to deal with the after effects of the Marikana massacre, there are a few additional options your Office could explore to turn the situation around, and they are:

Establishment of a Committee

It is our considered view that Government should initiate the establishment of a Committee compromised of all the relevant stakeholders in Marikana to discuss a possible way forward, which should include, but not limited to, compensation to the families of victims. Such a step would go a long way towards addressing the families’ bread and butter issues, as many of them struggle to make ends meet because their bread winners perished in that tragic incident.

Annual Marikana Day

In order to prevent such barbaric acts from happening again in future, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) proposes that August 16 be commemorated annually as the National Marikana Day. This will also serve as a reminder to both current and future generations that the price of democracy is eternal vigilance against any abuses of power whether by the state or its organs.

We will also table this proposal at the first sitting of Parliament in July as a Motion Without Notice in an attempt to get the National Assembly to officially adopt it as its resolution.

I Iook forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President