Section 89 Independent Panel
National Assembly of the Republic of South Africa
PO Box 15
Cape Town

Dear Honourable Chairperson

Preliminary inquiry by the Section 89 Independent Panel: submission in terms of the invitation for members of the National Assembly

1. In line with the invitation for any member of the National Assembly to submit information in terms of the Timetable for the conduct of the preliminary inquiry initiated by the National Assembly to remove the President in terms of section 89 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, I would like to submit the attached letter purportedly written to the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (‘Hawks’) by Mr Arthur Fraser on 23 June 2022 (Click here).

2. From reading it, one concludes that Mr Fraser has provided the Hawks with additional, rather explosive, information regarding the whole matter in addition to his now well-publicised affidavit of 1 June 2022 (Click here).

3. The big question about where the money came from i.e. the clarification from the Presidency that it was from the sale of animals, seems to be disputed in the letter.

You will see in the letter that one of the President’s closest advisors was “… ostensibly instrumental in illegally bringing large sums of US $ into South Africa for both he and the President after returning from trips he undertook on behalf of President Ramaphosa to various countries, inter alia, including, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco and Equatorial Guinea.”

This spine-chilling allegation, if true, shows that we are in much greater trouble than we thought if South African citizens can so easily transport foreign currency across our borders.

4. It is clear that the veracity of the information provided, and the allegations made, in the letter should be investigated by the Independent Panel. The Hawks should shed some light on what has transpired in terms of their actions taken subsequent to receiving this additional information. Such steps will surely be of assistance to the Independent Panel and their work.

5. There appears to be a concerted effort, either with the knowledge and blessing of the President or only in his name, to distort information and cover-up what really happened at the time of the alleged robbery and any subsequent actions (or inaction) taken by the various stakeholders to cover up the incident.

6. After having read the information in this letter, it has become more apparent that, if it had not been for this Independent Panel’s formation and expected work, this whole incident might have been somehow swept under the carpet.

Yours sincerely
Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement