UDM Members of Parliament

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP

Member of the following committees:
Primary: Defence, and Environment
Alternate on International Relations

Bantubonke Holomisa was born the son of Tembu Chief Bazindlovu Holomisa on 25 July 1955 in the Mqanduli district of Transkei. After attending the Upper Ngqungqu Primary School in Mqanduli, he proceeded to the Jongilizwe College for the Sons of Chiefs and Headmen in Tsolo, Transkei, where he matriculated in 1975. Apart from the usual matriculation subjects, he obtained an additional Diploma in Leadership, with the subjects of current events, conduct of public affairs, public administration, English, African law (then called Bantu law, using the university-prescribed textbook by Seymore on the subject), typing and office routine.

He has served as the Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism of South Africa in the Government of National Unity (elected in 1994).

Major General (Retired) Bantu Holomisa co-founded the United Democratic Movement in 1997 with Mr Roelf Meyer. Mr Holomisa serves as the UDM’s President.

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Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP (UDM Chief Whip)

Member of the following committees:

Primary: Standing Committee of Appropriations and Public Enterprises.
Alternate: Finance, Small Business and Trade and Industry.

UDM Members of Eastern Cape Legislature

Mr Mncedisi Filtane, MP

Mncedisi Filtane hails from the Eastern Cape and matriculated from Clarkebury High School. After school, he showed interest in the legal profession, but ultimately found himself (over a long professional career) in the private sector in various management and sales positions. During his tenure at the Transkei Government, Mr Filtane worked with land matters, which included the allocation of land and conflict resolution between various stakeholders.

As an employee of the Ntinga OR Tambo Development Agency, Mr Filtane was part of a team that developed agricultural cooperatives and was awarded the honour of Team Builder of the Year in 2007. He is a born networker and effectively used this skill at his various places of employ and, up to today, in his work in the name of the United Democratic Movement (UDM).

Mr Filtane is also a successful entrepreneur and most notable of these endeavours is his passion to create sustainable community-driven projects such as the facilitation of the building of schools and the provision of water and sanitation to the Lambasi Dairy in the OR Tambo District. Mr Filtane is a skilled manager and has, over the years, managed millions of Rands worth of community projects and local initiatives.

He is no stranger to the electoral system in South Africa and discharged duties for the Independent Electoral Commission in the 1994 and 1999 National and Provincial Elections in South Africa, as well as the 2000 Municipal Elections.

Since 2014, Mr Filtane serves the Party as a Member of the National Assembly. His very wide experience in business (from multi-level to retail), is something that comes in handy in the execution of his Parliamentary duties when analysing complex business-related reports on Agriculture and Rural Development.

Mr Filtane was elected to the position of National Deputy-Chairperson of the United Democratic Movement in December 2015, at the Party’s National Congress in Bloemfontein. By virtue of his office, he is responsible for any disciplinary cases that are elevated to national level.