Mr Sy Mamabolo
Chief Electoral Officer
Independent Electoral Commission
Private Bag X112

Dear Mr Mamabolo

Independent forensic audit of UDM electronic candidates’ records: uploads of certain municipality’s candidates’ names

1. I refer to the process of the so-called bulk uploading of identity numbers i.e. the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) online system that results in the names of candidates being recorded; either linked to a corresponding ward in a municipality, or to a certain slot on the proportional representation (PR) list in a municipality.

2. As you are aware, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) had experienced serious problems where the system jumbled or dropped candidates’ names on the ward uploads and there were glitches with the PR uploads as well.

3. In addition, it was clear that this problem had not only affected the UDM as the National Party Liaison Committee meeting of 7 October bore testimony to; where the majority of political parties indicated that they were affected by the same problem.

4. We are dissatisfied in the extreme with what had occurred as well as with the IEC’s explanations; even after the several meetings that took place wherein undertakings were made to correct the errors. Our candidates, in whose name we are mounting this process, have been severely prejudiced.

5. We furthermore receive countless complaints from voters who said they went out to vote for their chosen UDM candidate, only to not find them on the list due to this major error. The fact that our candidates’ names were omitted affected morale within the party during campaigns, not only for our candidates, but our campaigners as well. Even a simple practical element such as producing our candidates’ posters was an almost insurmountable task.

6. Just as with the bulk uploading system, the IEC’s stubborn belief in the superiority of technology (or a seeming unwillingness to acknowledge that it could even fail) was met with abject embarrassment as thousan