Question: 4 from Ms. L. L. van der Merwe (IFP) to the President
Original Question: What steps does he intend to take against the Minister of Social Development who has allegedly led her department into a national grant pay-out crisis which puts the lives of the most vulnerable citizens at risk and allegedly shown a complete disregard for the rule of law and the Constitutional Court ruling of 2014 which declared the CPS/NET1 contract invalid and what lessons has the Government learnt from the looming grant crisis?

1. Mr. President, a word of gratitude must go to our civil society organisations, such as Black Sash and Freedom Under Law, for their resilience in advocating for the poor in the social grant crisis, which includes:
• the alleged irregular use of personal details captured in a database in CPS’s possession,
• the unauthorised selling of airtime to unsuspecting beneficiaries,
• as well as other illegal deductions,
which reportedly amount to no less than a whopping R500 million a month.

Would it not be prudent for your government to approach the courts to issue an order that will empower government and enable beneficiaries to recoup the monies that were illegally taken through the illegal CPS/NET1 contract?