The United Democratic Movement (UDM) welcomes the publication of the additional volumes of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture (Zondo Commission) Reports.

Since the ruling party and some of its leadership play centre stage in these reports, there can be no doubt that there will be no political will in government to give expression to the Zondo Commission’s findings and recommendations.

The UDM believes it would be advisable to have an external body, comprised of all political parties and other stakeholders to be mandated to take over this task. The Mpati Commission’s findings and recommendations should be treated in the same manner.

The African National Congress and some of its leaders have been beneficiaries of this looting; they have been bankrolled by Bosasa, as well as through the systematic pillaging of our SOEs. No-one in the ruling party can say that they did not know. This whilst other parties had to scratch the bottom of the barrel to compete on an unlevel political playing field.

We cannot wait until October for President Ramaphosa to apply his mind. He does not qualify to hold the country at ransom until then as he was part of the machinery that benefited from the looting.

The UDM calls for the leaders of all opposition parties in Parliament to meet as soon as possible to discuss the matter and come up with a concerted response and plan of action.

Issued by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement