The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDMYV) is concerned about the state of our nation as tough economic times leave the youth of South Africa on the margins of economic participation.

The UDMYV understands the significance of the day June 16 and the history behind the day, it is something worth archiving and a reference for the youth that anything is possible if we rally behind each other and unite. Moreover, we are supposed to create a sequel and keep the fighting spirit going in order for the next generation of young people to be inspired.

In every recession and economic down fall, young South Africans take a huge knock as they are the majority of the population, our education system is a major role player in marginalising the youth by not empowering them. Therefore, it needs a complete overhaul in order to produce young South Africans who are job creators, innovators not just job seekers and dependants.

As young people of this generation we have nothing to celebrate, we have nothing to be proud of, instead we are watching things going from bad to worse for young people. The youth unemployment rate is sitting at an astounding 46,5%. It is a fact that unemployment is the catalyst to drug use, crime and everything that is done by frustration from being unemployed. We cannot pretend as if things are normal and participate in these events that seek to celebrate and give an impression that everything is normal.

As the UDMYV, we have decided that we will endeavour to convince the youth to take part in the 2024 National and Provincial Elections. Young people need to understand the importance of being actively involved in the political landscape, despite being failed by the government. We need to teach ourselves to change anything that is not working towards building the future as opposed to sitting down and not do anything and crying foul.