Statement by UDM KwaZulu-Natal Acting Chairperson

It is the democratic right of students to demonstrate peacefully, they must not disrupt classes or fellow students who want to attend lectures.

For students to demonstrate, they must have a strong reason. If they have failed their exams, and if they have not paid their fees, there is no place for so called “students” at higher tertiary institutions. They are wasting tax payer’s money.

We encourage students to continue their studies and empower themselves with knowledge for the future. It is the responsibility of each student to pay their university fees, and they must study hard to pass their exam.

We would like the Vice Chancellor of the University of Westville to tell the public:

  • How many students are demonstrating?
  • What are their reasons for demonstrating?
  • What the University plans to do about the demonstrating students?
  • How is the University going to protect students who want to attend classes?