Statement issued by Bongani Msomi – UDM Secretary General
UDM calls for plan and timelines of the revitalisation and revamping of inner city of Tshwane
The United Democratic Movement (UDM) appreciates the commitment made by the City of Tshwane to revitalise and revamp the inner city. We hope that the renovation of old buildings in the central business district is part of this and will be a priority.
This will help to bring down the high rate of crime that is currently taking place in these buildings and in the streets.
Most of the streets with these buildings are difficult to walk pass by because muggers commit crimes and hibernate into them. It becomes very difficult for security agencies to apprehend them. These buildings are a hazard and they make innocent people more vulnerable.
Some of these buildings are also used as brothels and drug dens. They also harbour illegal immigrants. With these renovations we hope to see a huge difference. People will be able to walk free along the streets in the CBD.
However, as the UDM, we want to see the plan and timelines of the revitalisation and revamping of the inner city. The society is sick and tired of unfulfilled promises made by authorities.
The landlords of these buildings must also play a vital role in their renovations and they must begin to take responsibility of what is happening in them.