Statement by Bantu Holomisa UDM President

The revelations of the involvement of a NIA agent in PAGAD is shocking and alarming. It requires immediate explanation and independent investigation. The sudden rush by government to come up with laws against urban terrorism becomes under these circumstances very suspicious. From this incident, it appears as if NIA as a security arm of government is actually sponsors of incidents of urban terrorism.

The question that needs answering, if one looks at the bigger picture is in whose interest is NIA working? Did they have prior knowledge of attacks of urban terror? Did they know about the threats against the lives of police personnel? In the fight against crime we should have one law enforcement agency and that agency should be working in the interest of South Africa as a whole and not in the interest of one group. Allegations of drug trafficking by certain members of government has been leveled – and inconceivable in the light of NIA involvement with PAGAD one can not but wonder who is threatened and who is protected.

Under the ANC government the line between personal interest and the interest of the state and its people, became blurred. Is there any difference between the previous government’s third force activities and what is happening now?

The ANC government must come clean on this issue and the only way is through an independent and transparent commission of inquiry.