Statement by the National Deputy Secretary

Following speculations of arrests and evidence received regarding the assassination of Sifiso Nkabinde, the UDM would like to put forward the following information.

A man came to the UDM offices in Pietersburg claiming that he was involved in the assassination of Sifiso Nkabinde. A Videotape of his evidence as well as a sworn affidavit was taken down from the individual.

In his evidence, he also said that attacks were planned against other leaders of the UDM. The UDM views this in a serious light.

The video together with the sworn affidavit were handed over to Advocate MacAdams, the head of the special investigating team appointed to investigate the assassination of Sifiso Nkabinde. The individual who came forward with the evidence was also cross-questioned by the investigating team.

The UDM expects of the police to deal with this and all other leads in a serious manner. All evidence that can lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of this crime must be followed up. We will accept nothing less from the investigating team and the police.

The UDM refers all enquiries regarding the evidence back to Advocate MacAdams of the Attorney General’s Office in KwaZulu Natal. It remains in the end the responsibility of the Criminal justice System and all its components to see to it that justice are done.