As you already know, yesterday I was expelled from the IFP and all its organs with immediate effect. My expulsion was prompted by my insistence that party matters must be handled in free and open discussion. The IFP culture is one of blindly following whatever Chief Gatsha Buthelezi says.

The so-called disciplinary hearing lasted approximately 30 minutes. My accusers were not the normal disciplinary committee. They were a specially assembled panel of seven Buthelezi henchmen who made up their minds to expel me before the hearing. As a result I saw no reason to contest their decision.

There are some who feel I should have rejoined the ANC. Such a step would prove untenable since the IFP will most likely become a surrogate of the ANC after the elections.

After due consultation with my family, friends, and advisors I have decided to join the United Democratic Movement, convinced that this is the party that represents a NEW BEGINNING. The majority of South Africans still need to be liberated from various forms of oppression – violence, intolerance, poverty, ignorance, etc. South Africa needs a new value system to guide her into the 21st century and beyond. In my view, the UDM is well placed to create and lead the new South Africa.