statement by Deputy-President

I today had a follow-up meeting with leaders of the opposition parties of Lesotho. The meeting took place in Kroonstad and was attended by Mr. Vincent Malebo, the chairman of the opposition parties, Mr. Pseliso Makhakhe and Ms. Malelo Morrison. I represented the UDM and Mbulelo Lokwe assisted me.

The opposition parties discussed with us the further development in Lesotho from which it is clear that great uncertainty exist about the transitional arrangements towards the new elections. The agreement that was reached on the 14th of October lacks completely in content and does not at all provide for the composition, the powers and the functioning of the transitional structure. This means that problems remain in Lesotho and if it is not resolved it could lead to more disputes and further tensions. It is a pity that the opportunity on the 14th was not used to bring clarity to these outstanding matters.

The opposition parties remain committed to a peaceful settlement and we were ;exchanging ideas on the way forward. I am confident that a solution is possible. On the request of the Lesotho opposition parties we will remain in close contact with a view to resolve the issues.