statement by National Deputy-Secretary

The Democratic Party’s reaction on the policy of the UDM is absurd. From the reaction of the Democratic Party, it was clear that they commented on something that they have not laid their eyes on yet. This was confirmed this morning when a call was received from the “Research Department” of the DP requesting the UDM to forward a copy of the UDM’s policy to them. One would expect the DP to properly research the content of the policy before artificially and out of context try and comment on it. Not only does the DP’s comment smack of arrogance and ignorance, it also confirms the inability of the DP to grasp an understanding of the reality of the challenges facing the majority of South Africans. The DP’s insensitivity towards issues such as unemployment and poverty clearly indicates how far the DP is removed from the realities on the ground. The politics of this country is not limited to the chambers of parliament and the volume of noise that a party generates there; it would serve the DP well to get out of their glass houses and face the realities of South Africa amongst the people.

The UDM in developing its policies did not engage in what can merely be described as an academic exercise. The UDM set it self-out to find practical solutions to the most daunting problems facing all South Africans. In getting to the answers the UDM talked to thousands of ordinary South Africans, called in the assistance of well known experts in the different disciplines and those interest groups operating in that field. The result is an integrated policy that can realistically be executed and implemented within the limited financial resources available in South Africa.