statement by National Deputy-Secretary

In keeping with the UDM’s spirit of being innovative in its approach, the UDM Information Hotline will be available as from Monday, 6 July 1998.

The electorate can call the UDM Hotline to get more information on the UDM. Callers will also be invited to leave a message or give some input on issues. The Hotline will provide callers the opportunity to listen to the President, Bantu Holomisa, and Deputy President, Roelf Meyer, explaining to them the policy of the UDM. Comments on burning issues facing South Africa will also be available on this service. Callers can call in and hear what the UDM’s view on the SACP/COSATU/ANC dogfight is as well as find out what the UDM think about the TRC’s decision not to investigate the atrocities committed by high profile ANC members in exile.

Within the next week callers will also be able to listen to media statements issued by the UDM and get information on provincial structures and contact numbers.

With this service the UDM aims at becoming more accessible to South Africans and further its approach of consultation on the challenges facing South Africa.

The UDM Hotline number is 083 910 2709.