Dear Advocate Madonsela


New details have emerged of how state funds were used to buy fittings, fixtures and building materials for private residence of the President. I am aware that your office was not granted access to this information, however, it is now in the public domain.

The former Deputy Director General of the Department of Public Works, Rachard Samuel, is reported to have compiled a dossier revealing the following as costs that were paid by the department towards the private renovations of the private residence of the President.

According to the Sunday Times report of the 27 March 2016, Rachard Samuel listed costs, totalling to a whopping R4, 6 million which is broken down as follows:

1.    R1.5-million for air-conditioning at two private houses, a guesthouse and a guardhouse. This is apart from the R5-million for air-conditioning detailed in your report and that of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU);

2.    R311, 932 for covered walkways between private residences;

3.    R54,721.20 for six meranti doors and 26 meranti window frames;

4.    R11,850 for hinges and bolts, doorstops, stainless steel hat-and-coat hooks, and six doormats that cost R1500 each;

5.    R34,834.80 for aluminium sliding doors – without bulletproof glass – and other aluminium installations;

6.    R38,517 for bulletproof sliding doors;

7.    R63,215 for plastering materials, R23,300 for tiling and R41,406 for painting internal and external walls;

8.    R271, 796 for carpentry and joinery, including roof construction; and

9.    R2.4 million for “extras”.

I believe, that your office has the authority to summon this information, and approach the Office of the Chief Justice for a proper guidance on how to deal with the new exposé. If this information is true as I believe, then it should help the National Treasury in making a proper determination of the costs to be personally paid by the President.

I look forward to a favourable consideration of this request.

Kind regards,

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement