As we are all going to the Easter holiday, we know that there are drivers who will put the lives of the innocent commuters at risk. Most accidents are caused by those driving under the influence of alcohol, driving tired, driving at high speed, vehicles that are not roadworthy and/or overloading.

As the United Democratic Movement (UDM) we are calling on drivers to obey the rules on the roads, abide with the law and drive safe. It is worrisome to see growing numbers of fatalities in our roads especially during holidays.

We cannot afford to lose lives every time because of silly behaviour of the drivers. One life lost is too many. The government must make sure that those who do not obey the rules face harsh sentencing for their deeds. Not only do they put their lives in danger but also of the passengers and other drivers on the roads.

Also, looking at statistics of road accidents, the number of pedestrians hit by cars is high. We are also calling upon the pedestrians to obey rules and use bridges to cross the roads.

As UDM, we are calling upon the law enforcement officials to be visible on the roads during this time and beyond as we feel that drivers do behave when they see them.

The Department of Transport, Road Traffic Management Corporation, law enforcement officials must investigate the root cause of these fatalities and come up with ways to curb them.

The taxi and bus associations and owners must also take action in curbing the norm of drivers especially long distance drivers who do not rest. It must not be about money more than the lives of the passengers.

Statement issued by
Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General