Media Statement by UDM President Bantu Holomisa, MP

This afternoon the President had an opportunity to take the country into his confidence and either confirm or deny the revelations made by the Deputy Minister of Finance, yesterday.

Alas, he chose utter arrogance and maximum denialism in defense of his travelers, the Guptas family and his own. His attitude in dealing with this issues of national importance, confirms that once again, he has neglected the country in favour of these two families.

It further suggests that he has, together with Guptas ganged against his own Deputy Minister.

The President, even had the audacity to say he has nothing to do with the revelations made by his Deputy Minister. He says there is nothing to investigate in order to verify the authenticity or otherwise of the revelations, as suggested by UDM.

This is absurd to say the least: here is a Deputy Minister saying he was offered a position in your cabinet by someone else either than the President as provided for in the Constitution and you say you have nothing to do with that… but he continue to quote the Constitution…!

The country has no basis to have hope anymore.

As his answer confirms that another hour, a day with him in office, the country is going down in a high speed and by the time he leaves office, this country will be shadow of itself.

It is now firmly in the hands of the ANC, the party that gave the nation a President who in turn neglected both his party and the country and chose his family and Guptas.

We can now put it back to the ANC to do something or allow the electorate to punish them severely.