The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is pleased with the way National Prosecuting Authority has so far handled the Christopher Panayiotou and his co-accused case of murdering the innocent Jayde Panayiotou.

Panayiotou and the men accused of killing this young woman do not deserve to be back in our communities as they pose a danger not only to the community but to those close to them. They have displayed clearly that they are not human beings with their behaviour.

NPA denying bail for these cruel culprits brings hope to women and children in this country. It also sends a strong message to criminals as we are not safe in our own communities because of such inhumane individuals who abuse and murder us. We are living a life of fear in the hands of those we call loved ones.

As much as we appreciate this denial of bail against the men but we would like to see the hand of justice being served. As UDEMWO, we would like to see synergy amongst the government departments i.e. South African Police Service, Department of Justice and Correctional Service as these departments play an vital role and they should complement one another in making sure that the rights of women and children are protected.

UDEMWO is once again calling upon the Department of Correctional Service to review the parole system as we feel that it is not applied appropriately. It favours the culprits more the victims of crime.

Remember, when you violate someone’s rights you should forfeit yours.

Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja: UDEMWO Secretary General