statement by National Deputy-Secretary

The ANC branch in Klipplaat, Eastern Cape, on 23 April 1998 actively intimidated UDM members and supporters. Under the leadership of Mr. Hans Human, the ANC informed UDM supporters that their houses would be taken from them since it was “provided” by the ANC. Residents were further told that only those who will vote for the ANC will have food in their houses. UDM supporters requested permission for a protest march against the mismanagement by the ANC local council. Permission was granted and in reaction, the ANC occupied the local police station.

The UDM wants to call on the ANC to distance themselves from these types of actions by their supporters and officials. Disciplinary actions should be taken against those involved. The UDM believes that incidents of intimidation hold no good for the 1999 elections. It is just not good enough that the ANC talk reconciliation, wish for loyal opposition, but does not allow the most basic freedom of choice by the electorate. The UDM will not tolerate acts of intimidation against our supporters. We will highlight each and every incident. We will record and report such incidents. Democracy is founded on the very basic right of choice.