As the festive season envelops South Africa in its warm embrace, families gather, and spirits lift in celebration across the nation. Yet, amidst the joyous festivities and well-deserved breaks, there’s a looming shadow – a shadow that casts doubt on the future of our beloved country, and the United Democratic Movement (UDM) is very concerned about this shadow.

The 2024 elections draw near, and with them, a crucial juncture for South Africa. It’s imperative in these moments of togetherness, to engage in candid conversations about the destiny of our nation. We must confront a harsh reality: another term under African National Congress (ANC) governance threatens to deepen the wounds already inflicted upon our society.

Let’s face it, this is a terrible reality: the UDM has been exposing corruption within the ANC, tainting its leadership; ineptitude and a worrying disregard for the welfare of our people are also present. The hard reality is that in a country full of promise, our progress is hampered by incompetent leadership, inefficiency, and a loss of confidence.

The exorbitant spending on luxury projects, including parties while our fellow citizens languish in abject poverty paints a sombre picture of misguided priorities. In the twenty-first century, the wounds that fester in the fabric of our society are children crossing rivers to get an education and industrial failures brought on by governmental indifference(s).

Corruption, a cancer eating away at the core of governance and society, has become a norm rather than an aberration. It’s a very tragic story when people in charge of the country’s wealth and prosperity put their own interests ahead of those of the whole nation.

The social ills plaguing our youth, the prevalence of crime that robs us of our peace of mind, and the exploitation of our borders and resources demand urgent attention. We must confront these issues head-on and recognise that change is not a distant dream but an urgent necessity.
In 2024, we stand at a crossroads. It’s time to reclaim our nation’s future. The youth are the architects of the future, and they hold the key to this transformation. Their voices, and their votes, must shape the path forward.

We resolve, as families and as a nation, that enough is enough. We reject complacency and pledge to usher in change. This isn’t merely a call for a different party in power; it’s a call for a new era – one built on accountability, inclusivity, and progress for all.

Let this holiday season serve as a time for contemplation and resolution in addition to celebration. Together, let us pledge to vote for a future that we can proudly bequeath to the generations that follow, and the UDM is ready to lead you into that future—a better future. Nothing less is worthy of our beloved South Africa.

The future is now, and it’s in our hands. The UDM, wishes you, your friends, and your loved ones a prosperous holiday season filled with love, joy, blessings, and the wisdom to know the difference, especially with the upcoming national and provincial elections. Let’s register to vote for the UDM in 2024.

Issued by:
United Democratic Movement National Office
Mr Yongama Zigebe
UDM Secretary General