Cllr Siyabulela Zangqa
Mayor of Engcobo Local Municipality
PO Box 24

Dear Mr Mayor

Information and progress on the Hala Smart City Project

1. The Hala Community Development Forum recently made an appeal to the United Democratic Movement to intervene on their behalf in the matter of the proposed Hala Smart City Project within the Engcobo Local Municipality.

2. It seems as if massive undertakings (e.g. job creation and poverty alleviation) were made to the people who reside in this area that are not being honoured and worse still that the Engcobo Local Municipality’s management, including your office, is not communicating with them despite their attempts at the same.

3. This letter is to request information from you on the project and where it currently stands, and also to request that you urgently meet with representatives of the Hala Community Development Forum to update the community on the project and its prospects.

4. I would request that, should this project be running into trouble that council and municipal management communicate this to the people as soon as possible. I say this based on the fact that according to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission’s website, Hala Community Development Consortium, which we understand is the municipality’s appointed private partner, is being deregistered as it last paid its dues in 2017.

5. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement

Copied to: Speaker of the Engcobo Local Council, Cllr N Macingwane
Chief Whip of Council, Engcobo Local Council, Cllr M Kondile
Municipal Manager of Engcobo Local Municipality, Mr M Moyo

Hala Community Development Forum