Say what you will of former President Jacob Zuma, but he quite boldly had said that he was not afraid to go to jail and he has now voluntarily handed himself over to the police in Escourt with calm prevailing in the area.

Like any ordinary citizen submitting oneself for justice is the right thing to do, and the United Democratic Movement commends him for doing so and not playing into the theatrics.

It cannot be denied that during Mr Zuma’s tenure as president, the looting of state resources had become a massive free-for-all with him seemingly right at the front of the trough. The African National Congress has in essence normalised institutionalised corruption through the actions of some of its senior leaders. There is no denying this, as the nauseating evidence is being exposed in the media, and in the revelations at the Zondo Commission, on a daily basis.

Fortunately for South Africa, the Zondo Commission is being taken seriously and Mr Zuma’s arrest should send shivers down the spines of those in cabinet and government who have not walked the straight and narrow. The chickens of corruption will come home to roost.

We will wait for Monday (when the Constitutional Court considers Mr Zuma’s appeal) to see what his future holds, but for now he seems to be willing to at least bear some of the consequences of his actions.

Issued by:
Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement