ADDRESS BY Mr BH Holomisa MP in the National Assembly

Hon Speaker and members

The struggle for total freedom is a Nation’s struggle, fought from all corners of society. People; individually, collectively and through organised voluntary associations and other organs, fought for a free South Africa either by default or by design.

The circumstances under which we celebrate the 21st Anniversary of our democracy, necessitate that we draw lessons from some of the fundamental ingredients that made the struggle against apartheid successful.

The high levels of poverty, unemployment, inequality and corruption, demand that we go back to the collective and inclusive approach. Surely the exclusion of many, with requisite skills and knowledge in the name of the so-called deployment policy, does not help the nation to successfully confront these challenges.
If this exclusionist approach is not attended to, the realisation of today’s theme is a dream because it will perpetuate the beneficiation of the few amongst those associated with the ruling elite.

Acceleration of radical economic transformation requires amongst others very trusted and dedicated leadership which is not in the deep pockets of the upper class.

The key challenge for the realisation of this theme, is the fact the ruling alliance is found wanting on the economic policy direction that the country should follow, 21 years into democracy. Instead of consolidating, it finds itself in crisis of a major disintegration with absolutely no hope of providing leadership on the very same theme.

Clearly, the radical economic transformation agenda cannot be allowed to be a private property of this dis-integrated elite.

Time for the people of this country to take charge of their freedom and drive their own development is long overdue.

Let the nation unite and march to the powers that be against poverty, unemployment, corruption and nepotism.

I thank you.