Address by Mr BH Holomisa MP in the National Assembly

Hon Chairperson, Minister and Members

The security of a nation demands well-informed citizens backed up by highly trained security forces as well as enforcement of efficient and effective professionalism across the board.

This is one area where the government cannot afford to fail and it should not be left to chance especially when appointing personnel in key state departments. The internal tension between and within some in the criminal justice system is a threat to the security of the nation.

It would appear that our security forces have not escape the ugly consequences of partisan appointments thus negatively affecting their morale and productivity.

Appointments based on narrow factional loyalty are a high risk to the security of the nation as a whole. Some of the operations conducted in the country, like Marikana and many others, confirm a lack of training and doctrine that is consistent with our Constitution.
Our capacity on counter intelligence demands an urgent special attention. Daily, we are found wanting when sporadic violence visits our communities, risking the lives of the ordinary citizens. Some of these, risks our global diplomatic relations and create doubt on the would be investors.

We seem to have lost the confidence of other nations we enjoyed since 1994. It is difficult to believe that visiting Britain by South Africans, would strictly require a visa because all of a sudden we are viewed as fertile ground for criminal activities.

We need to recapture the lost ground sooner than later.

The Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence together with the responsible Ministers, should convene urgently to conduct a thorough assessment of whether our security forces are combat ready against any eventuality. Further, to diagnose why it appears to be easy to access a South African document to be used for criminal activities.

The UDM hopes that corruption has not already engulfed the sensitive departments of state thus risking the lives of the citizens and the nation at large.

I thank you.