The Vision and the Mission of the United Democratic Movement


We are the political home of all South Africans, united in the spirit of South Africanism by our common passion for our Country, mobilising the creative power inherent in our rich diversity, towards our transformation into a Winning Nation.


We will unite South Africans from all communities in a new political home, built on the foundation of the principles and ideals of our National Constitution. To this end we will address poverty and imbalances in our society, inspired by our unifying love of our Country and its people. We will set free the creative power inherent in our diversity and will co-operate with all stake-holders to ensure a quality life and individual freedom for every citizen, based on good governance and civil order, towards being a Winning Nation.

The symbolism of the UDM logo



Convergence: The coming together of all in South Africa


Unification and Progression

Unification: Building one nation in South Africa
Progression: Development of the Country and its people to the advancement of all


The final Logo