Statement issued by UDM President – MP, Bantu Holomisa

The furore on the Tax Laws Amendment Act and Tax Administration requires an action by all contributors. This is more urgent given that the Public Investment Corporation Fund is now targeted as the next stop for huge transactions to the ruling party and its big business friends.

UDM calls for a National Pension Fund Forum which will amongst others, consider the following:

• Monitoring of all decisions taken by the relevant authority over the fund with regard to all movements of the fund;
• Insist that the Auditor General SA, conduct a regular and random audit of the fund;
• Ensure that all monies managed by the fund are invested properly for the benefit of all those who contribute;
• Ensure that the fund is not used to fund the elite projects intended to benefit the private pockets of those in the leading faction within the ruling elite;
• Mobilise and ensure that all contributors are regularly informed and consulted on major decision affecting their monies; and
• Conduct an audit of how the fund has been managed over the last 24 months including all transactions thereof.
This forum should convene before the effect date of this new law.

South Africa has for a recent past, been governed by a crop of leaders whose loyalty is less to the country and its people. At the helm of which is a state President, who proudly proclaims that his political party comes first to the country, and acting in a manner that undermines confidence to the country and its credibility.

Surely, he and his travellers can’t be left unchecked when dealing with monies of the workers. They cannot be trusted with workers hard earned savings, as they continue to bankrupt the country on daily basis. It is therefore logical for them to check for another source to advance their looting agenda and feed their bottomless pockets.

Let the people take full control of their monies now, leaving it in the hands of the hyenas of this world, will be suicidal.

Thank you