As the United Democratic Movement, we are disappointed by the ANC member, Bongani Mkongi, who holds a high position in the ruling party who took to social media calling upon ANC members for the burning and killing of innocent lives that were inside a block of flats where a ”Zuma Must Fall” banner was hung. This is unacceptable.

His comments have shown clearly that the ruling party and its leaders do not care about the citizens but only care for their own.

The UDM is calling for punitive measures against Mkongi or any person who thinks they can make statements that could possibly incite violence.

This country has passed the hard times where people were killed by those in power for no reason. The South African Constitution states clearly that everyone has a right to live and we will not allow this country to be run like in the past.

His apology is not enough as the damaged has been done already. If the ANC is truly against Mkongi’s irresponsible comments, it must take harsh actions against him. The nation is waiting and watching what the ruling party will do.

Statement issued by UDM Secretary General, Bongani Msomi