The United Democratic Movement (UDM) notes with concern the 2018 matric pass rate. The “so-called” improvement of 79.4% in 2018 to 76.5% in 2017 is only a dream. After scrutinising the results, it is crystal clear that something is not adding up.

Another concern is that so many pupils have made it to the newspaper and moreover have “obtained bachelors” as per the minister of basic education Angie Motshega. However, they cannot be accepted in institutions of higher learning and education. This contradicts the lie that the country has been made to believe.

There is so much that is wrong with the existing education system. So much noise has been made before about the passing mark. What we witness currently is the fruits of the flopped curriculum system.

We have also been made aware that some of the universities have raised their points for admission. This means these institutions do not have confidence in the education system. We wonder what Umalusi is doing regarding to whether it has something to do with the adjustment results.

How is it that a matriculant passes with flying colours only to find out that s/he does not qualify to be a university student. The point system is hitting them hard while their matric results are speaking another language. In our understanding, the current education system is more about numbers than quality of education.

Minister Motshega and her department, together with all those involved, are in denial. To them it is all about higher percentages of pass rates at the expense of the blameless children who will tomorrow not be eligible to get proper jobs due to the quality of the education they received.

Swift investigation into the results must be done. We cannot endorse a system that will in no time backfire; not only in the futures of our children, but the country as a whole.

Issued by:
Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General