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SUBJECT FOR DEBATE: Vote 02: Parliament

ADDRESS BY Mr LB Gaehler MP - EC in the National NCOP Hon Chairperson and Members The United Democratic Movement supports this budget vote and in this regard, we would like to make the following comments with regard to the enhancement of public involvement to realise meaningful participatory democracy. Madam, Chair, Julius Nyerere once said “… we don’t develop people, people develop themselves”. Accordingly, the United Democratic Movement, strongly holds that, participatory democracy places people [...]

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Water Affairs and Forestry Policy Proposals

1. Introduction In terms of Water Affairs and Forestry, Government must play a significant resource management role. This places Water Affairs and Forestry squarely within the ambit of the Presidential Council on Planned Sustainable Development that is proposed in UDM Economic and Public Works policies. As a resource, water specifically must play a key role in Planned Sustainable Development programmes aimed at creating safe and productive communities. Despite current programmes to bring water to the [...]

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Economic Policy Position

1.       Why the new South Africa needs a new economic plan The South African economy fails to deliver what is expected of it. It is acknowledged that certain fundamentals are in place, but it is equally true that the urgently required jobs and economic growth are not materialising. Since 1994 hundreds of thousands of jobs have been destroyed and formal employment shrinks at an alarming rate. These are the signs of an economy held afloat [...]

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