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Debate on Higher Education Transformation

Address by Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP in the National Assembly Speaker and Honourable Members, We should all take a leaf out of the students’ book because during their protests they were able to rise above narrow sectarian interests to fight for a common cause, something which is becoming rarer and rarer in our national politics. [...]

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National Women’s Day

ADDRESS BY Ms CN Majeke MP in the National Assembly SUBJECT FOR DISCUSSION: NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – Women United in moving South Africa forward Honourable Speaker and Members Despite progress reported in the Report on the Status of Women in South Africa; most rural women and girls are still facing more obstacles in gaining access [...]

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Public Service and Administration Policy Proposals

1. Introduction A priority function of any government should be to not only maintain, but also to constantly improve, the quality of life of all South Africans. A UDM government will ensure that its Public Service and Administration department focuses on providing quality service delivery to South Africans across all Government departments. This document identifies [...]

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Contribution: UN Conference on Racism – Is South Africa winning the battle?

INTRODUCTION The United Democratic Movement (UDM), while recognising the global character of racism, will nevertheless confine itself to dealing with the scourge here on the home turf. Racism still permeates the entire social fabric of South Africa. Its origins are in the nature and course of our history. The encroachment of a relatively advanced technology [...]

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