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Clifton Beach Incident

The City of Cape Town (CoCT) needs to account for what happened in Clifton beach on Sunday, 23 December 2018, when a paramilitary private security company, Professional Protective Alternatives (PPA) acted unlawfully by asking holiday makers to leave the beach after eight in the evening. Whatever their reasoning, short of an emergency situation, this was a clear contravention of the National Enviromental Management: Integrated Costal Management (ICM) Act 36 of 2014. From media reports and [...]

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Heritage Day 2017

As the country celebrates another Heritage Month - and Heritage Day on Sunday - the United Democratic Movement (UDM) calls for ways to resolve the intolerance and conflict between South Africans, which seems to have become the norm. We face huge challenges of cultural intolerance and racism; and it is taking a toll on South Africans’ psyche. To compound an already challenging set of circumstances, it still shocks that Bell Pottinger was so recklessly used [...]

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Contribution: UN Conference on Racism – Is South Africa winning the battle?

INTRODUCTION The United Democratic Movement (UDM), while recognising the global character of racism, will nevertheless confine itself to dealing with the scourge here on the home turf. Racism still permeates the entire social fabric of South Africa. Its origins are in the nature and course of our history. The encroachment of a relatively advanced technology in the hands of racially and culturally different people on a people with an inferior technology and of a different [...]

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