Statement issued by Bongani Msomi – UDM Secretary General

It is that time of the year where thousands of boys from many communities across South Africa will be taking the life changing journey to the mountains to become men.

This time-honoured rite of passage to manhood should be respected by all stakeholders and it cannot be at the expense of young lives. At this very important time for initiation practising communities, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) calls on the traditional surgeons and nurses to take every precaution to ensure that no lives are lost this season. One life lost is too many.

The Circumcision Act must be enforced and in this regard, we have noted that the police arrested several alleged bogus circumcision practitioners in the Eastern Cape at the weekend. The UDM also calls on parents and community leaders to not allow their under age boys to undergo this rigorous process if they are not yet ready. Parents must also make it a point that they satisfy themselves with the credentials of the circumcision practitioners.

The traditional leaders must also make sure that initiation schools are registered in their areas.