The United Democratic Movement is disappointed, but not surprised, that President Zuma has once again side-stepped the issue of Nkandla in a desperate attempt to kick for touch.

Nkandla2His response, as articulated by his spokesperson Mr Mac Maharaj, is inadequate and almost contemptuous of the Public Protector’s office. It is an indication of how little respect they have for the Public Protector as an institution that derives its power and legitimacy from our constitution.

The President, consistent with his party and his government’s views, continues to put the inter-ministerial report, and now the police and the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), at the same level as the office of the Public Protect

The inter-ministerial report places the president and government as a judge in their own case. This is unacceptable. No other intuitions can be considered more credible than the office of the Public Protector. The president must not hide behind the SIU, whose work and credibility cannot be equated with that of the Public Protector.

We will rally all opposition parties to respond adequately to these delaying tactics of the president.