Ntopile KganyagoMr Ntopile Kganyago (UDM Deputy-President 2005 to 2013)


I have yet to come across a person who knew Mr Ntopile Kganyago as anything else but “Prof”. He sometimes said it caused him embarrassment because he was not a “professor”. He was however, widely regarded as a pedagogue (a teacher or professor in other words) and that is why the name stuck.

In the UDM, we knew him by no other name; he was just that; our teacher; our “Prof” and like all true pedagogues, he was the eternal student; he always asked questions until he was sure that he was on top of a discussion.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we are paying our last respects to a pioneer that helped establish the UDM. This he did at a time when the political situation was volatile and it was considered a taboo to form and join a new political party in South Africa. Prof took this risk despite the notoriety of the UDM for its strong stance against corruption.

We commend him for the conscious decision he took to help establish and join a party that advocates for adherence to the principles and ethics of good governance in both the public and private sectors.

His academic qualifications would have guaranteed him senior positions of leadership in society, but Prof chose to invest his time, effort and expertise towards making the UDM project a success.

Prof, we salute you for your courage and commitment!

Phumla ngoxolo. Robela ka Kgotso

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