The march against corruption on the 30th of September 2015, is consistent with the UDM position well-articulated in our 2014 Manifesto. Indeed corruption undermines and destroys the liberties enshrined in the country’s constitution, for which many paid the supreme price.

This country can never succeed in eradicating poverty, create employment and reduce inequality if corruption is allowed to be the order of the day. The gains of our freedom and rights of citizens are undermined.

The recently reported corruption court case in the United States in which the ANC is alleged to have benefitted through its infamous Chancellor House, is but one in many.

If the ANC is serious about clear and corrupt free governance, it must simply pay back the money it benefitted through corrupt activities. South Africans should not allow the ruling party’s extortions of money from companies doing business with its government.

The VW scandal could negatively affect job creation in South Africa.

In this regard, we shall be part of the masses of the people of this country who commit to fight against the looting from the poor by both those who control the public office and the private sector.

As UDM, we have a clear record of fighting corruption and we shall not be stopped.

I call on all members of UDM and citizens in general to join the march against corruption on the 30th of September 2015.