statement by Bantu Holomisa and Roelf Meyer

The alarming regularity with which farming people are attacked and murdered has long since reached critical proportions. The possibility mooted by President Mandela last week that the atrocities may be committed by wild elements formerly belonging to MK, was a frank admission opening up a possibility of ending this rule of terror.

The UDM, however, is concerned that nothing substantial has apparently since been done. We request government, as a matter of urgency, to compile a list of all possible suspects and to comprehensively plan how all of these will be traced and their activities investigated.

If gangs like these are indeed existing and operating, they are a scourge and a menace to our society and our democracy. The full force of the law needs to be speedily brought down on them, otherwise the government will be seen as having dismally failed a large community of its citizens.

We shall monitor the situation closely in the interest of the many South Africans living and working on farms, who are now living under the unacceptable and constant sword of violence and murder.