Ms NN Mapisa-Nqakula, MP
The Speaker of the National Assembly
Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
PO Box 15
Cape Town

Honourable Speaker

Zondo Commission and what it has missed

1. I refer to a recent article in the Sunday Independent: “Zondo exposed: What the Commission did not want SA to know” , wherein it is said that evidence that was submitted to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture (‘the Zondo Commission’) “…never made it to the final report of the state capture commission of inquiry or was even considered by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.” This article contains serious allegations, you will agree.

2. The United Democratic Movement had also submitted evidence of state capture to the Zondo Commission in our 56-page correspondence to the Commission on 23 September 2020 titled: “Submission to the commission: the real mastermind behind state capture”, which the Commission acknowledged receipt of. As in the above instance and given its report, the Commission also did not seem to consider our submission in the end.

2.1  Letter to Judge Zondo (click on the link)

2.2 Annexure A (click on the link)

2.3 Annexure B (click on the link)

2.4 Annexure C and its Annexure (click on the links)

2.5 Annexure D (click on the link)

3. Parliament is still to consider the Zondo Commission’s report and given that, for whatever reason (be it scope, time or resource limits) the Zondo Commission seemingly did not consider all the documentation/evidence that had been submitted to it.

4. It would therefore be advisable that Parliament consider appointing a retired judge to look into all the matters which the Zondo Commission did not attend to and to check whether there had not been a deliberate effort to sabotage the Zondo Commission with the exclusion of certain documentation/evidence from the Commission.

5. Unfortunately, Chief Justice Zondo, his evidence leaders and the President are conflicted, hence there is a need for new faces to deal with this matter and I would kindly request that you consult with the Leader of Government Business in Parliament on this potentially serious matter.

Yours sincerely

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement