The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDM Youth Vanguard) is pleased to note that this time around there are many young faces in cabinet and that some of the provincial MECs hail from the youth’s ranks.

The UDM Youth Vanguard strongly feels that it will be in the best interest of the young people of South Africa if our debates in terms of unearthing common ideas to find solutions to our plight, should be inclusive. We all have something to contribute.

We call on the young members of the executives to have open and wide-ranging discussions on political, social and economic challenges facing young South Africans.

We therefor hope that these young people in our government will bring about the new ideas and innovations South Africa needs to become a winning nation.

The UDM Youth Vanguard wishes them all well in their tasks ahead.

Issued by
Mr Yongama Zigebe
Gauteng Provincial Secretary, UDM Youth Vanguard