United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO):The replacement of Pansy Tlakula with a male candidate Mr. Glen Mashinini is not an appropriate choice.

Statement by Ms Thandi Nontenja, UDEMWO Secretary General

We are not pleased by the recent appointment of Mr Glen Mashinini, the former Presidential Advisor as the new chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) replacing Pansy Tlakula.

As women the appointment of a male candidate does not sit well and it shows clearly that women are not taken seriously by the ruling party, African National Congress. We’ve only heard about government’s tough law in enforcing the gender equality and a total makeover in the workplace but we have not seen that happening.

Under the legislation it’s said that departments and companies are required to fill 50% of all senior positions of each gender and by electing Mr Mashinini as the candidate to fill Tlakula’s position the 50/50 has not been applied.
The African National Congress is so good in introducing policies, bill and legislature and later not implement such.
We were happy to hear about the Gender Equality Bill which will take this country to greater heights crafting a healthy environment for both men and women but that was only a dream to us women.

The only other woman Commissioner in the IEC, Rene Taljaard, has just resigned from the IEC, we don’t know the reason for her resignation, but our concern is that position is also likely to be filled up by another man.

We rue the day that the ANC recalled former President Thabo Mbeki, his successor seems to be the “Master” of the men’s forums.

The silence of the ANCWL on this matter is deafening.