The United Democratic Movement (UDM) joins Zade de Kock in urging President Cyril Ramaphosa to pass the draft National Identification and Registration Bill.

Zade de Kock is a 19-year-old transgender, non-binary South African who does not identify with the gender marker (male) assigned at birth. Zade de Kock took to earlier this year to persuade President Cyril Ramaphosa to enact the measure this October (Pride Month).

The Bill, among other things, caters to male, female, and non-binary gender identification. The UDM recognises that this bill is critical for the LGBTQia+ population, which is rapidly developing, as should legislation protecting the LGBTQia+ group.

Years ago, sex between two people of the same sex was a crime and public displays of affection were considered indecent.

South Africa’s Constitution is the world’s first to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. It thereby ensures equality for homosexual, gay and or lesbian people.

South African transgender and non-binary persons are equal citizens who need to be recognised, protected, and valued for who they are.

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Issued by:
United Democratic Movement National Office
Mr Yongama Zigebe
UDM Secretary General