The United Democratic Movement (UDM) accepts the result of today’s vote on the motion of no-confidence in Mr Zuma.

We are however perturbed by the choice of the African National Congress (ANC) Members of the National Assembly who sided with an irreparably corrupt President. The people of South Africa have been shown the middle-finger for the eight time.

We however welcome and are happy with the almost thirty ANC Members who voted against thievery and Mr Zuma.

The battle to save South Africa is not over though. The UDM will join the Economic Freedom Fighters’ court proceedings for Mr Zuma’s impeachment. We shall also intensify our campaigns on the streets, in Parliament, and everywhere, for as long as Mr Zuma remains in office.

South Africans can now see the difference between those who stand for the truth and those who stand for the looting of their Country’s resources meant to alleviate poverty and erase unemployment. The ANC regards our people as mere fodder, used to vote it into power every five years, but in return its leaders continue to steal from them.

Statement issued by Mr Bantu Holomisa,MP and UDM President