Message of the UDM President of the UDM, Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP

Dear Voter

This is our opportunity to demonstrate on a local level that there are solutions to the challenges that face us. United in our desire to create better villages, towns and cities, we can light the way and show which policies should be applied nationally. We have it within our power to affect changes that will result in genuine improvements in the lives of South Africans.

There is one thing that we can all agree on: change is necessary!

In this election you are not simply choosing between one political party and another. You can choose another five years of the same old discredited policies and poor service delivery, or you can choose change for the better.

Some will be quick to point out that much has been done in the past 20 years to improve the political, social and economic landscape. But we look at our daily reality and know that many of these accomplishments are overstated. For instance – when the ANC government claims to have built more houses, they should admit that more people have badly-built houses. And when the ANC government claims to have provided more services, they should admit that more people are receiving bad and unreliable services. When they claim to have built more infrastructure like roads, they should admit that it is mostly just more tolls and more potholes. To add insult to injury elite projects like the E-tolls funnel our taxpayer money out of the country.

When did we stop trying to be a world-class nation? To be the best? To excel? To measure ourselves not against the past but against our highest ideals?

When did Apartheid become the benchmark… for us to settle for inefficiency, corruption and mediocrity because “at least it’s not Apartheid”

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