The United Democratic Movement (UDM) pleads with both Israel and Palestine to find a peaceful middle ground for the benefit of their respective populations, as we are grieved by the violent events that have shaped both nations.

During this period, the UDM promotes positive interactions between the leaders of Israel and Palestine. Additionally, we plead with the United Nations (UN) to expedite diplomatic settlements between the involved nations.

In its capacity as a mediator, the UN should embrace its significant role in preventing war by utilising good offices, diplomacy, and mediation as well as its political missions and special envoys to help bring about peace between Israel and Palestine. The UDM calls on both nations to raise these concerns in public, promoting a forum of tolerance that takes into account the needs of all parties involved and recognises and defends religious (and other) minority groups.

The UDM rejects selective anger, ethical relativism, and appeals for further violence in lieu of standing with both Israelis and Palestinians.

The UDM also extends its sincere sympathies to the thousands of individuals who have lost friends, family, and primary providers as a result of the conflict.

Issued by:
United Democratic Movement National Office
Mr Yongama Zigebe
UDM Secretary General