Ms Thandi Nontenja
UDEMWO Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) welcomes the appointment of Advocate Shamila Batohi as the new National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP). We strongly believe that her appointment is based on merit, as well as her hard work and dedication she has shown in the justice field. Her track record speaks for itself.

The NDPP desperately needed a person of such calibre to head the unit and we hope that Advocate Batohi will do well in the duty conferred to her.

We are very pleased that, for a change, a woman has been appointed into a high position. This position comes with great responsibility and needs a disciplined person at the helm. We hope that she will perform her duties to the best of her abilities. Her acceptance speech restored our hope.

Women have lost faith in the justice system, because when it comes to women and children abuse and other crimes against women, it favours the perpetrator and not the victim. We hope that Advocate Batohi’s appointment will restore our faith that women and children’s rights will no longer be trampled on.

We wish Advocate Batohi all the best once she has taken over the NDPP reins in February.

Issued by:
Thandi Nontenja
UDEMWO Secretary General