Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja: UDEMWO Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is calling for denial of parole to a man who shot and injured his ex-wife Precious Eland and while on bail he shot and killed his lover, Mabel Kobe. As UDEMWO, we have been calling for the reviewal of the parole system as we believe that it is not being applied appropriately.

Once more, the justice system has failed to protect women in this country. How does one get a bail out for serious cases as murder and attempted murder? How many women must die, killed by this monster before justice is served?

This man has shown that he has no respect for women and for law and it is disgusting.

Eland has complained to the authorities about getting threatening calls from the man who shot her 17 times leaving her for dead. The very same man who killed his lover and a known killer is about to walk free while the victim is living a life of fear.

Justice must prevail; he must rot behind bars and suffer for his actions. As UDEMWO, we are calling for the denial of parole of this man and for protection of victim.

We are disappointed by government together with the Justice Department. This has proved without doubt that women in this country are not protected even by government.

Once more, UDEMWO is calling for the reviewal of the parole system and will continue with the call until justice is served.