Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja: UDEMWO Secretary General

As the United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO), we are saddened to witness growing numbers of abuse towards women while we are still celebrating the women’s month in South Africa. The rape of the 23 year old woman in Nkanini – Khayelitsha while her boyfriend was shot and killed trying to protect her is really inhumane that is why we are calling upon the South African Police Service officials to make swift actions in arresting those involved in this ruthless incident.

Once the culprit is arrested, the Department of Justice must make sure that the culprit does not get to see the sun again and must rot in jail without bail mean while the Correctional Service must make sure that culprits are not being considered for parole. Once you violate one’s right you must forfeit yours.

We are also calling upon the Social Development MEC in Western Cape, Albert Fritz to make sure that the victim gets all the support and protection she needs as she is at high risk because she knows her attacker.

What is sadder is the fact that those involved in the crime are from our very communities. We also urge members of community to hold hands in protection of women and children.

We cannot afford to see women and children being victims of crime and as UDEMWO, we feel that government has not done much in making sure that women and children’s rights are protected and that is why as UDEMWO, we demand that government come up with a clear strategy in curbing violence against women and children.

There are so many campaigns in relations to this by non-governmental Organisations and other interest groups however, the role of government is the missing link in this dire situation.