Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja: UDEMWO Secretary General


As the United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) we are devastated by the recent attack on the 14 year old girl in Grabouw, Western Cape. We would like to convey our message of support and wish her a speedy recovery from this horrific attack. This young girl has shown bravery after her brutal attack and was able to name the culprit.

This incident is taking us back and reminding us of what happened to Anene Boysen who was also brave enough to name her attackers and the justice system failed her and many women of this country by letting one of the attackers walk free because of lack of evidence.

We hope this time the hand of justice will do the right thing and be for the victim other than the perpetrator. Such individuals who abuse women and children in any how do not deserve to be part of our communities and that is why we want him to rot in jail for the horrendous act he has committed.

We hope that the sentencing will be a lesson to other perpetrators out there.

The abuse of women and children is growing everyday in this country and we cannot fold arms and watch, something needs to be done to curb this problem in this country. As UDEMWO, we are calling upon the Department of Social Development to make sure that women and children are protected.