Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja – UDEMWO Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) condemns the ruthless and inhumane incident that took place over the weekend where a young woman was gang raped by 12 men in front of their partners while the other woman managed to escape. Their partners were then tied up and drowned in a dam in Kensington, Johannesburg.

This is such a disgusting and dreadful attack that cannot be overlooked. The law enforcement officials must hunt those involved and bring them to book for the terrible attack they have committed.

At times like this, we find ourselves calling for the return of death sentence towards the criminals because of such incidents.

It is such a horrific society we live in. Humans have turned into monsters towards their very own.

UDEMWO would also like to convey a message of condolence to the deceased families and wishes a speedy recovery to the affected women.

The quietness of the Women’s Ministry is deafening.