Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja – UDEMWO Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) condemns with strongest terms the attack of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department Officer by the church members in Hillbrow yesterday. This cannot be right and cannot be justified in anyway.

Based on the chilling footage of the attack, these people look like angry bouncers who do not respect law. The helpless officer tried to warn the angry crowd but the warning did not stop the attack.

What is even shocking is to learn that these people are church members who attacked and even disarm an officer on duty. We condemn the behaviour. The members of the community must respect the officers vice versa.

The country cannot have community members who do not respect the hand of law. The attack on the officials is the attack on constitution and the country as a whole.

UDEMWO wishes a speedy recovery to the officer who is in hospital.